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Jun 8, 2018

In Episode #8 host, Mika Pollack, talks about; a website managed by the federal government that lists both completed and uncompleted clinical trials. The site is well intentioned and is meant to be very helpful for anyone to access, but is it really...and what's happening with the clinical trial results that should be reported on the site per mandated federal law requirements??

Show note links:

To visit the website, click here.

Check out a timeline of history, policies and laws related to From this page you'll also be able to read more on the Food and Drug Administration Modernization Act of 1997, the Food and Drug Administration Act of 2007 and the 2016 Final Rule for Clinical Trials Registration and Results Information Submission.

Curious to know who is sharing their clinical trials results? Check out the FDAAA Trials Tracker website ran by the Evidence Based Medicine DataLab at the University of Oxford. They're tracking who's non-compliant with the FDAAA law of 2007 and bringing attention to the public health problem of non-reporting of clinical trial data.

In the News:

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Traces of Opioids found in Seattle-area Mussels by Vanessa Romo

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Join us next week for special guest, Judy Meyer, a board certified holistic health practitioner, who will be talking about alternative mental health approaches.

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